Susan Oehlertz - Instructional Technology Coach


Pocahontas Area Community School | K-12 District

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A Technology Coach assists staff with the effective use of technology in their environment in order to improve student learning.  The focus should be on teaching pedagogy - the technology is the tool that helps you enhance student engagement and be more efficient at what you do.  This can be accomplished when we collaborate with each other and work on what matters most to YOU, in YOUR classroom!

What does a Technology Coach do for you?


I Can...



  • Collaborate with you in the design and delivery of instructional units and lessons


  • Engage you in learning instructional skills!


  • Share my expertise with you - I'm happy to guide and support you as you learn how to effectively use a wide variety of applications and devices


  • Locate resources for you to support your instructional goals


  • Help you create and support effective digital-age learning environments


  • Provide you with up-to-date training on the technology tools in our school and their most effective use in the curriculum in order to meet district initiatives


  • Model and promote digital citizenship with you and your students


  • ...and much more!  Just ask!


You Can...



  • Add digital tools to your digital toolbox so you have the correct tool for the right task when needed


  • Build your Professional Learning Network


  • Take risks - set goals for tech integration in your classroom


  • Have an online presence - Twitter, Instagram, website


  • Support effective digital-age learning environments within your classroom


  • Share, share, share your expertise with colleagues


  • Be a leader in our district and advocate for more tech time


  • Be a foreward thinker - try something new!


  • Get on the gameboard - Engage in faculty technology challenges to earn "Tech" status awards and other "cool" stuff!


What's your digital footprint?

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